"...and the masses sat around the SHAFT..."

Now that you want to join the CoTS (you know you do, don't you?), where can you find its enigmatic members?

Well, I'm glad you asked...

The CoTS and some of the unknowning masses gather daily in front of the SHAFT (weather permitting) and commune there in the glory of the SHAFT. The SHAFT overlooks all in the terraced half-pit and the nearby buildings.

If the weather is too much for the masses to bear, they head into the nearby buildings and commune there. The SHAFT understands the frailty of the masses and does not exact its wrath, which is best saved for more opportune moments. Examinations are a popular time to feel The SHAFT's pent-up rage.

On other occasions, the members of the CoTS can be seen spreading the word of the SHAFT in various public locations. The second most favorite area (after The SHAFT, of course) for the members to commune is the training grounds. A few of the members wanted freezing conditions to 'enhance' the training of the masses, but the SHAFT is demanding... and the members, obliging. If one hears shouts and sticks clashing, then one is close to the grounds. To the untrained eye, it may seem like a street hockey game, but underneath the sweat and yelling is a finely crafted ceremony of training and discipline. Some of the masses routinely join in and train as well, but feel dissastified with the experience. They have just met the SHAFT and need guidance... that's what the members of CoTS are there for.