The Art of Flirting

"Flirt Dammit! Smile and shit!"

Although hardly acknowledged by the core members of the cult as an "important point," flirting is definitely one of the core ingredients in the yummy sugary group. (Um, yeah, or something) Every single one of the mindless (er.... devoted) cultists practices the art of flirting, some with many good results, others with hardly a nibble.

The SHAFT secretly approves of flirting, although, because of it's obvious negative connotation, it must never allow flirting to go unpunished. However, punishment is not as severe as if, say, you were to skip a weekly beating. That's just blatantly asking for a good pounding on the next attended beating.

Punishment for flirting varies greatly, from a verbal reprimand from other members to... well... severe... um... punishments carried out in private. Those poor, poor, fortunate souls. How we feel for them.

What's your sign?

*poke* *tickle* *poke*

Hi, I'm Mike. Nice shoes. Wanna fuck?


All of these and more are the most common phrases (and or activities) used during "flirting." Know them, use them, love them.

There is a proper way to flirt with Cult members. The steps are relatively easy to learn, and you should immediately enjoy the results.
Step 1) Raise both arms high above your head.
Step 2) Get a big, goofy grin on your face.
Step 3) Point your face at the person destined to receive your flirting.
This is a tried and true method and never fails. So practice, practice, practice, and ENJOY!