"Give credit where credit is due..."

Lunchbox and Thart are the originators of the CoTS, as guided by the SHAFT.

The original web pages were designed and brought into existence by BRAK.
"All hail BRAK!"
Since then the pages have been royally overhauled by Pizza and moved to their new Cyber-Home of ShaftNet. Next, the world!

All images that have copyrights still have the copyrights; we do not claim any of the copyrighted images as our own. We claim fair use in the fact that no profit is intended in the creation/maintence of this site. Any and all quotes that have copyrights or trademarks are used with no motive of profit or theft and again, we do not claim any of the quotes as our own.

At Georgia Tech, it is common knowledge that the SHAFT exists, though the students envision it as bad things that happen to them (bad quarter where the student thinks that the grades attained are not representative of the effort put into the subject[s]). IT'S A JOKE, PEOPLE!