The second most favorite area for the members to commune (after The SHAFT, of course) is the training grounds. A few of the members wanted freezing conditions to 'enhance' the training of the masses, but The SHAFT is demanding... and the members, obliging. If one hears shouts and sticks clashing, then one is close to the grounds. To the untrained eye, it may seem like a street hockey game, but underneath the sweat and yelling is a finely crafted ceremony of training and discipline. Some of the masses routinely join in and train as well, but feel dissastified with the experience. They have just met the SHAFT and need guidance... that's what the members of CoTS are there for.

The beatings are regulated and scheduled by the Inquisition. If you think you'd like to join in on a beating sometime, check this page for the next regularly scheduled beating.

In addition to hockey, we play basketball and volleyball semi-regularly, stopping when our bruises have too many bruises.